Beyoncé Best Hairstyles

We can surely consider Beyoncé the most popular pop star and she is already become an icon with her unique beauty and style. We have so many times turned to her for an inspiration because she can offer all the best styles and images for you. For new season I offer you selection of Beyoncé best hairstyles and I am sure that you will find several inspiring images.


Beyoncé is known with her beautiful curly long hair but she is one of celebrities that likes changes especially when it comes to her new role in new videos. We all know her as the sexiest woman and nothing can look more gorgeous than her golden blonde curls. 


Next image to be presented is retro blunt bob. Center parted and a bit messy waves created effortlessly chic and very feminine image . Well if you have similar haircut you can easily copy her image and do not forget about makeup.


Old Hollywood style will be more suitable for special occasions so if you have chosen retro waves make sure you have picked suitable outfit for it.


What about Beyoncé’s up-do hairstyles? She looks very elegant and stylish with classy pulled up hairstyles and she often wears vintage buns on different formal events. Besides of classy up-dos she has not once appeared wearing funky quiff, pin up hairstyles and many other modern designs.


Styling Ideas for Medium Length Hair

Medium hairstyle is the one that offers you generous amount of versatility, you can easily transform your casual look to more eye catching one without having special styling skills. Next advantage of medium hairstyle is that it will be suitable for any face shape and hair texture.


Medium HairstylesMedium bob Hairstyles











The buzzword of coming season is natural look, I mean there is no need to overload your tresses with styling products and spend hours styling your hair. It is time to enjoy the benefits of medium hairstyle and play with your natural hair texture. All you have to do is to take care of your tresses in order to have glossy and healthy hairstyle.


Medium Hairstyles Bob

Medium Hairstyles blonde











If you are blessed with natural curly or wavy hair, do not try to straighten it, just wash your hair with conditioner and apply hair serum to create smooth and silky hairstyle without frizzy effect. Messy tousled hairstyle as well as glamorous loose wavy style will be suitable for any occasion and will complete your stylish image.

Medium Hairstyles IdeasMedium bold Hairstyles











If you have straight hair, you can easily create trendy and hot look by adding volume to your hairstyle. First wash your hair with volumizing conditioner that will boost up the volume of your tresses. After drying your hair tease the roots and fix the style with hair spray. Such glamorous hairstyle is perfect for party season.

Messy blondemessi medium











For more relaxed and casual look you can style your hair messy. Hair mousse will help you to create mussed up and tousled hairstyle . You can also opt for loose messy up-do that will be suitable for formal as well as casual events.

Simple Up-do Hairstyles

Loose hairstyle of course looks smashing and stylish, but there may be some cases that loose hairstyle will not be suitable, especially you will feel uncomfortable wearing loose hairstyle in hot weather. In such cases perfect style will be simple up-do that will transform your look in the best way.


Simple up-do hairstyles are easy to do and do not need special skills to style. You will be able to create elegant style in less than five minutes.

All you have to do is to look through the examples of most popular simple up-do hairstyles and experiment with your image.


The most important thing about simple up-do is natural  look without any sophisticated twists. Do not try to create perfectly polished look, loose flyaway strands will add relaxed and natural look to your hairstyle.

There are myriad of up-do styles for any taste and occasion, but the most popular is classy ponytail hairstyle. You can easily create simple and elegant ponytail without any effort. Just tie your tresses in a tail and secure it with rubber band. You can also create loose messy tail for more casual look or wear high sleek ponytail style for formal event.

Another gorgeous hairstyle that is easy to do is messy up-do hairstyle. Messy bun, messy braided and twisted hairstyles are perfect for party season. Your hairstyle will be more natural if you have wavy or curly hair. All you have to do is to wash your hair, apply hair mousse for voluminous and glossy hairstyle, tie your tresses in loose tail, twist the edges in a bun and secure it with bobby pins.


Simple half up-do is the best style to show off your gorgeous tresses and at the same time open your face and accentuate your features. In order to create half up-do pull back the front part and secure it with hair clip. You can also leave few strands loose to frame your face. Hair accessory like headband will add flirty twist to your hairstyle.


Celebrity Rainbow Highlights

Let’s begin with brand new hair color that will break the monotony and turn your hairstyle into a style statement. The following examples of celebrity rainbow highlights will inspire you to leave behind subtle tones and get brand new image.


Get ready to plunge into new reality full of bright colors because this is the era of innovative colors and styles. As the best source of inspiration I have picked celebrity nontraditional hairstyles.


If you think that they are too bold and you are not ready to color hair you can begin with hair chalk or semi-permanent hair color. Well, as you see there are plenty of options to get desired look and all you need to do is to be brave enough.


Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne and many others experimented with neon colors like green, purple, violet, Atomic pink, pale pink, electric blue and many other shades that can be combined and mixed.


Those rich pigmented and intensive tones tend to fade very quickly. I mean even if you have chosen permanent hair color it will fade away and as a result you will have dull and lifeless hair. The best way is to choose semi-permanent coloring product that will not last long yet you will be able to change color more often without damaging hair.


Block coloring is not option but about combining two and more colors? I should say this is crazy idea yet the result will be jaw dropping. You have so many options here.


You can create transition from dark to light or any other creative style of color combos. Just imaginee your hair is a blank sheet and you are an artist. Well, you are totally free to act.